Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Episode 77: Skyfall

Exiting palace
Early morning fog bodes ill
Ancient monk rolls 1

A sinkhole appears!
Dude, a totally deep hole
Ends in tears and glass

A downy landing
Reveals many bloodshot eyes
Fuck, they were chickens!

Typical entrance
The demonic chickenherd
Confused, seeks justice

The party rallies
Some bruises and broken bones
Kobayashi hurts

The Jade Hand, jock itch
"You just executed the
Wank of Destiny"

Xeno's icy pick
Fails to impress Chickenherd
He ends up all wet

Kobayashi tries
To grapple horns, tweaks nipples
Having rolled a 1

Demon gets angry
Tries to hit Kobayashi
Breaks forearms instead

Supa Gro Powa!
Takemiya lashes out
Head almost comes off

A Xeno reprise
Stabs demon right in the heart
But then rolled a 3

Lightning everywhere
Dead cells reanimated
Frankenstein chickens

Wandering outwards
Undead chickens seek answers
Find smoke, blood and doom

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