Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What Happened on My Unsummer Vacation: An essay by Xoe

Never listen to Xeno.

I should know this by now. I have always known this, but sometimes you just get swept up in the whole "dying, undying, being reborn, getting ancient dragon powers, dying, undying, bamfing, getting resurrected by a shadow empress, dying, spectrally self-defibrillating, and so on" thing. Your priorities get a little muddled.

Nonetheless, I should've known not to pay attention when he started poking around the new and different level of...hell? The Abyss? Who knows anymore...where we found ourselves on our Unsummer Vacation. The giant pile of not-quite-dead chickens was the first sign that something was wrong. The gigantic demon-thing in the center of the room was the second. Xeno, of course, immediately tried to either ally with it or kill it, whichever seemed more expedient. I was still feeling a little tingly from the whole defibrillation thing, and tried to stay out of the fray, but when someone hits your brother with a giant demon fist, you're kind of morally obligated to step in.

I really have to get a grip on those stupid morals.

Is it really "listening to Xeno" when he's mostly just mumbling incoherently and trying to pry things out of a chicken trough? Can I make that distinction? Regardless, out came my trusty dagger of venom and in went the injector point. Darn demon-thingie was tough, though, and it took quite a lot of bashing by my compatriots to get him to go down for the count.

And then I woke up as a chicken. Undead chicken. Thing. Yeah.

Never listen to Xeno.

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