Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Episode 77: Skyfall

Exiting palace
Early morning fog bodes ill
Ancient monk rolls 1

A sinkhole appears!
Dude, a totally deep hole
Ends in tears and glass

A downy landing
Reveals many bloodshot eyes
Fuck, they were chickens!

Typical entrance
The demonic chickenherd
Confused, seeks justice

The party rallies
Some bruises and broken bones
Kobayashi hurts

The Jade Hand, jock itch
"You just executed the
Wank of Destiny"

Xeno's icy pick
Fails to impress Chickenherd
He ends up all wet

Kobayashi tries
To grapple horns, tweaks nipples
Having rolled a 1

Demon gets angry
Tries to hit Kobayashi
Breaks forearms instead

Supa Gro Powa!
Takemiya lashes out
Head almost comes off

A Xeno reprise
Stabs demon right in the heart
But then rolled a 3

Lightning everywhere
Dead cells reanimated
Frankenstein chickens

Wandering outwards
Undead chickens seek answers
Find smoke, blood and doom

Xeno Clucks Up

You know that feeling when you try to step up the last step on the stairs, except you’re already at the top, and for a split second it seems like you’ve just stepped off the edge of a precipice, until your foot finally thuds down extra hard onto the landing? Imagine living in that split second every moment of your life. One of two things would happen: You’d either become a follower of The Way of Mrs. Cosmopolite, accepting that life is entirely unpredictable and there was no point in looking for order; or you’d go screaming into madness.

Or just maybe, you might try to balance on the knife edge between the two. One hand wide open like a child’s for any and all possibilities; the other gauntleted in mail and magic and clenched around a dark star of fire and chaos. Maybe, you’d become Xeno.

Really, he would have been more surprised if something hadn’t happened after leaving the prince’s presence. As he was daydreaming about attaching an enormous pair of raven’s wings to his pointy hat, and subsequently sweeping down from the steppes with his band of implacable mounted warriors upon an unsuspecting populace; and further distracted by wondering if maybe somewhere in the couloir du temps he’d accidentally gotten daydreams intended for a mighty barbarian plains warrior, who himself was at this very moment wondering why he was in an alchemist’s shop fondling an alembic, Xeno didn’t really notice why a hole punched through what was seeming like the increasingly fragile surface of Lungfish Isle should choose that moment to open up underneath them all, but he certainly didn’t consider it...unexpected.

He landed alive and covered in chickens and, crashing through a glass pyramid notwithstanding,  as that was pretty high on the happy end of the scale of positive outcomes to being dropped into some Abyssal region, he came up feeling positive about life.

“That looks like a friendly enough fellow,” he thought, as the slobbering demon approached him. “Hi!”

It didn’t take too much being punted around like a recalcitrant chicken to turn the switch in Xeno’s head to “overload,” and while he was taken down hard, he came up swinging, with a distressingly cold spear of some sort welded into his hands. “Ah well,” he thought. “The true artist creates with with the medium to hand.”

“Listen, punk,” he snarled. “I’ve shat out, killen, eaten again and shat out again bigger demons than you before breakfast. Bring it.” After divers alarums, Xeno found himself with a vulnerable-looking demon on the ground before him; a rising chicken population and nowhere to go but up. “Insert spear A into heart B,” he thought. “What could go wrong?” But just in case, he reached out with his chagnomic powers, drawing on his own cold darkness, channelling it into the spear thing for a decisively killing blow, preferably a spectacular one, too.


You know that feeling when you try to step up the last step on the stairs...? Sometimes, you think you’re about to fall; sometimes you realize what happened; and sometimes, well, sometimes you just know you’ve been turned into an undead hellchicken.

“Crap,” said Xeno, who did so, liberally, and went to look for something to eat. “Ooh! Demon entrails! Nummy.”


What Happened on My Unsummer Vacation: An essay by Xoe

Never listen to Xeno.

I should know this by now. I have always known this, but sometimes you just get swept up in the whole "dying, undying, being reborn, getting ancient dragon powers, dying, undying, bamfing, getting resurrected by a shadow empress, dying, spectrally self-defibrillating, and so on" thing. Your priorities get a little muddled.

Nonetheless, I should've known not to pay attention when he started poking around the new and different level of...hell? The Abyss? Who knows anymore...where we found ourselves on our Unsummer Vacation. The giant pile of not-quite-dead chickens was the first sign that something was wrong. The gigantic demon-thing in the center of the room was the second. Xeno, of course, immediately tried to either ally with it or kill it, whichever seemed more expedient. I was still feeling a little tingly from the whole defibrillation thing, and tried to stay out of the fray, but when someone hits your brother with a giant demon fist, you're kind of morally obligated to step in.

I really have to get a grip on those stupid morals.

Is it really "listening to Xeno" when he's mostly just mumbling incoherently and trying to pry things out of a chicken trough? Can I make that distinction? Regardless, out came my trusty dagger of venom and in went the injector point. Darn demon-thingie was tough, though, and it took quite a lot of bashing by my compatriots to get him to go down for the count.

And then I woke up as a chicken. Undead chicken. Thing. Yeah.

Never listen to Xeno.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Episode 76: Shitstorm

It started so innocently.

With a bloodcurdling squeak, Xeno leaped at the Count, knocking him backwards onto the large circular table. Sitting astride Fundus, the diminutive gnome then proceeds to take the Count's ascot into his quivering hands and starts churning - violently and percussively choking/bludgeoning the man with his own neckwear. 

Takemiya and the rest of DCM turned to witness Xeno's latest fit of inappropriate public behavior, and were surprised to see that the rest of the patrons of The Barking Spider seemed to take no notice. In fact, only one person patron being creature abhorrently nightmarish spectre seemed to take notice of anyone, and that was the growling, slavering, demonic two-headed infant that had started to claw its way malevolently up the sturdy oak leg of a table that currently held the supine (as opposed to prone - who knew?) and unmoving body of Xoe.

Xoe, for her part, was just as surprised as anyone to be looking down at her inert body from a spot some six feet above the table. Her first thought was "Oh, great - my head's ended up in a gravy boat..." Her second was "God, I hope it's not the eel gravy." It wasn't until she had mentally come to terms with all things gravy that she realized "Yikes! There's an abhorrently nightmarish spectre clawing it's way towards my supine-and-not-prone body! Oh, and I'm dead."

Takemiya was the next to notice things weren't adhering to a strictly reality-based unfolding... As he watched, the ascot-churning gnome worked himself into such a state that the Count's table collapsed. This finally caused one of the Count's dining partners to take notice and stand up. Only when he did, he kept standing up and up and up until he reached nearly nine feet of full-on frost gianty height. Takemiya felt the chill winds of north blow up his robe as he recognized one of the meaner and impolite frost giants of the northern wastes. 

Not to be deprived of an opportunity to save the day, Kobayashi acted with swift decisiveness and immediately rushed in to heal the towering giant. Aiming his Jade Hand at the giant's chest, the novice brought a contorted grimace to the giant's face as he clutched his heart and fell to his knees. 

A singular cry of "FOR AQVA SVLIS!" rose above the growing din, and a Sulian, who had apparently been enjoying a Swordhilter Rib Platter, rose up and hurled a spear at the giant. The spear stuck in his bicep, causing the giant even more distress. Ragnar leaped into the fray, but an unfortunate die roll meant that he ended the turn being nutted by the giant, and the last thing he saw was Kobayashi's floppy, ragdoll body flying into him after the giant swatted the young novice away like a little girl.

By now, Xoe was noticing that the evil baby had made its way onto the table and was lewdly clawing its way up her leg. Shocked and revolted, she floated down and tried to arrest its progress, only to find that her spectral hand passed through the thing. Mustering all her chi, Xoe reached in and tried to crush its tiny little cherrylike hearts.

She did..

Taking a bit of inspiration, Xoe reaches down to self-defibrilate her corpse back to life. I, your trusty DM, have now pretty much seen as much shit if not more than any other DM at this point in time, so I say 'Hey, sure. Why the hell not. Roll a 30."

I don't even have to look.

I know it's a 29.

Gasping and sputtering, Xoe comes to life

The lights flickered, and as Lil Sauron appeared to engage the giant (what the hell is happening here?) Kobayashi notices the satyr at the bar, as well as a phonebooth-shaped bottle behind the bar. The monk starts to piece together the fact that they are not dealing with reality here, but with someone or something tapping into the party's collective memories of their time on Lungfish Isle...

The lights darken, and the temperature drops. Xoe, now alive again again (again?) makes her way to the back of the tavern. She sees the Ladies' Room, only the symbol on the door is one of a reclining woman, a woman on fire.

Beyond is a luxurious bedroom, with a deep, dark red carpet. A canopied bed. The sound of someone breathing...

It grows darker still, and now the darkness is on Xeno, who stands up from the Counts lifeless body, letting the bloody ascot fall from his hands. A blackness forms in the middle of the room. A blackness with two eyes. They stare a Xeno. He stares back. As the chilling fear griops him, he feels his bowels turn to liquid and a painful cramp tells him he's pulled a Ragnar.

Only this time, there's no shit.

There's a spear.

A shining, silver spear and with one fluid, if not diarrhetic, motion Xeno flings the spear int the growing growling diamondlike heart of the dark and evil being...

And everything went white.

46% of island to DCM - 45 of quiet side + 1% that is DCMHQ