Monday, September 19, 2011

Episode 43: The Heart of Darkness

(from a tattered bit of parchment found stuffed into the shoe of a dead, homeless gnoll who had frozen to death on the streets of Voleficium, The City of Undying Bureaucracy)...

The last bit that was Xoe Dolorous Haze had contained in a vessel that teetered on Undeath and summoned by The Desk to an obscure outer plane along with her former friends associates cohorts. Recruited to the Golden Path, these eight seven six five potential heroes gods have been sent to the 146th 142nd (Flo - could you check into this? Thx) level of The Abyss to a hot, steamy city in the midst of the jungle realm of Sri Raji. (Been there. Not nice.) It would appear that part of Dolorous' soul has been collected by the local _________, a known ___________ with the power to __________, ___________, and the horrifying ability to _______ your _________ without your knowledge. (who would DO that to someone?!?!?)

Haze and Captain Bonkers (I love love LOVE this guy!) have been sent in to reconnoiter before calling in the rest of the God Squad. The Captain has already soiled himself and slain a potential ally in a were_____, but his initial jittery fear is understandable in a place like this.

They also watched silently as the abovementioned were_____ broke an innocent woman's neck, but at least they had the presence of mind to loot her body afterwards.

All in all they are progressing nicely, but the vile priestesses of Kali may soon put an end to that.

Will send more updates as actions dictate.

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Could you type this up and have it on my desk by 2? I'm trying to get out of here for a big Cripple Mr. Onion game in Sigil tonight. Thx.