Monday, April 8, 2013

Episode 78: In the Hall of the Chicken King

Being transformed into an undead chicken has never been considered a positive career move.

Don't mess with his chickens
But after being lost in an unknown subterranean level of Undermountain, set upon by a demonic chickenherd and sprayed by chaotic lightning, their current status could be deemed  by the party as "not too shabby".

Xeno was feeling petulant and peckish - so he pecked around the back of the cavernous coop to find a snack. He, of course, did so. And what the multicolored chickenfeed lacked in flavor it more than made up for in restorative zeal - and before you know it, Xeno was his old, hat-stabbing self again.

The rest of party, however, chose the wrong time to venture out of the nest and were soon caught up in a skeletal lord's hot pursuit of some fresh meat.

"Are you playing D&D?"
Drafted into his service, the rest of DCM soon was forced to pounce on the fallen men-at-arms, rip open their spleens and drink their fluids.

This was generally interpreted as free license to loot.

It was here too that Kobayashi had enough and went on the offensive. That is also generally interpreted as a sign to duck and cover...

...and rightly so - for as the Bringer of Death to Campaigns showed up, it took a particularly clever bit of trident wielding by Billy to slay the skeletal lord and save everyone for another day.