Monday, December 5, 2011


From the Desk of Ingnatious Prim, Esq.

Senior Reprobate, First Class

The Naugahyde Cotillion

To the emmissaries of the following dieties:



____ ______________ (Long May His Beard Reign)


_ __ ___ The Ever Mightie


Report 3, Code 2-2 A, supplemental.

You must admit, that was a possibility.

A terrifically small, one, I admit, but I do believe the Naugahyde Cotillion warned you of such an outcome when You(s) elected to recruit this group in the first place.

First of all, ____, (now Koresh) is clearly unstable. It would not surprise me in the least to learn that he has somewhere in his lineage one (or more! Dare we think it?) ancestor with Chaosblood. Had we been given just a little more time we could have looked into the matter and potentially avoided a catastrophe. The fact that ___(Dolorous) is his sister makes me think, in retrospect, that Your Eminences should use what Powers you have at your disposal and bring this experiment to a swift end.

To whit: Consecutive, consecutive, mind you! instance where the Pick of Extreme Digging has ruptured the T/sC. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN??? There are no recorded instances of this happening more than once, to the same group of individuals, IN THE SAME MILLENIUM!

Also, The Enigma and Stonehenge gather power too quickly, and in different directions. The Cotillion can understand the creation of a satellite cosmos - be it Chaotic or Lawful - but the mix of attitudes and ethoses in this group are leading to, in the estimation of the Cotillion, complete and utter ruin. We beseech thee to at least consider eliminating one or two of the more abberant members in order to avoid creating any more Chaos than there already is.

The Cotillion also would like to also call into question the wisdom of letting The Five near Your Most Holy Selves, even for one minute. Not only is it becoming increasingly apparent that no one can predict what will happen in their presence, but now that some of their number have tasted the power You have accorded them, we fear that they might start to get Ideas...

We beseech You - please stop this madness before it consumes everything: You, me, the Desk, the Cotillion, the multiverse. No good can possibly come from allowing this charade to continue.



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