Thursday, December 29, 2011

Episode 52: Not So Glad He Ate Her...

Somewhere in Her consciousness, Iryien detected a dying plea. Someone - or some thing - had called out to her in the throes of mortal peril. A living being, a being with a soul and a heart that yearned for love needed Her, and needed Her now. She looked down at the Temple Manicurist, Lobella, and asked how long it would be until the freshly-applied nail lacquer had fully dried.

"Just another minute or two, my most radiant Lady."

Well, whoever it was, Iryien thought, I'm sure they can hold on for another few minutes...

Responding to the plaintiff cries of a dying Aramis, Iryien cuts short her tour of the Temple of the Divine Shoulder Blaster and materializes on Athas.

Discovers death and administers healing.

Creates a protective sphere.

Tiamat (reunited) rises up and our after hearing worms and pteradactyls.

Big boom, and Tiamat is exploded.

Grog the Slavemaster informs them of their Fate.

Some win, some lose.

Grog is Seduced.

Iryien discovers the dragon king.


  1. You wouldn't have thought this game could take a turn anyone would consider "odd," but there you go.

    We should totally playtest the upcoming 5.0 rules. If anyone can break it, it's us.

  2. Why do I get the feeling that 5.0 was created specifically *for* us?

    I mean, with you in the party, it's always a party.

  3. I don't think caffeinated beer did us any favors.