Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Episode 53: If You Thought...

...that it would be highly unlikely that Holth and Koresh could create a superconducting supercollider inside the curved tunnel that defines the outer wall of a gladitorial stadium using a bazooka filled with green metal sausages and Koresh's Forked Finger of Fong, you would be right.

And, as it turns out, very, very wrong.

For as the howling cloud of superheated plasma, steam and deceased mob whipped around the circular tunnel, it caught up to it's own tail and, like the ouroboros of old, swallowed itself.

And accelerated around for another lap.

76 points of damage (and some saving throws later), all that was left of Holth was a molten slab of tattooed bacon.

Stonehenge looked up at the now burning infrastucture of the coliseum and quipped, "That was fun. Hey, has anyone seen The Enigma?"

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