Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Episode 49a: Oh, Yes It Could

Koresh quickly assessed the situation: He hadn't seen Aramis' shade since they'd entered the cavern and had to assume the worst. Holth's headless body had just taken a nasty spill after attempting to head-butt Tiamat's blue dragon head, while The Jade Scarab had been stomped on by a giant and was probably dead. Dolorous was lying in a pool of the Balrog's magma blood and wasn't moving - and he could swear he smelled her burning hair over the fiery stench of brimstone...

And he? Well Koresh seemed to be having it much easier than the rest. He was merely clinging for dear life to Dolorous' Pick of Extreme Digging as it was being shaken vigorously by the Balrog who, it must be said, seemed to be recovering quickly from the pair of flesh wounds dealt him previously by both he and his sister.

"All in all I'd have to say victory was within our grasp," Koresh thought to himself.

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