Thursday, November 3, 2011

Episode 48: The Battle for New South Waco

Lord Fangwang hovered over the companies of Abyssal Hordelings at his command and allowed a large number of teeth to show in an obscene, demonic grin. From his high vantage point among the rust-colored clouds of Scracthulon, he could see that Sri Raji was vulnerable; all magical wardings and barriers had been destroyed along with the realm's former potentate. Now the not inconsiderable acreage lay ripe for plundering, like the bloated corpse of a stench kow. The agzboƩfgrzunder gnome may have gotten lucky with Arijani, but there was no way that mere luck could withstand the force of 4 Abyssal legions, thirsting for blood and ready for war.

Like taking candied pancreas from a bebelith, he thought to himself. This is going to be easy.

Nyarla felt a tingle of pleasure - that rare, cool pleasure of anticipation - at the thought of a new lord of Sri Raji. Arijani had rebuffed her so many times that she wondered if all those rumors were indeed true. Just because powdered tiger wang was an intense aphrodisiac didn't mean that actually HAVING one made you any more - oh, well, never mind. He was gone now, apparently in a puff of roiling, boiling steam, and Nyarla could only hope that his successor was ready to face the full force of her hot, steamy attentions - once, of course, she had marched in with her Demonids and slaughtered all that stood in her way.

She figured it would all be over before lunch. She was even leaving her beloved octophants behind...

Kfboebs flubbled egstastically in his new pseodphlange. He knew, deep withing the core of his pulsulating ectoclore, that the vile solidoform that had taken up residence in the neighboring domain was no match for He and his Kblobs. As He led them from the stinking pools that served as the breeding grounds of Puddle City, His recently-modified razorcles glinted frubjously in the Abyssal twilight. He could not wait to claim more territory with which to breed more Kblobs and eventually turn the whole of this layer into one gibbering mass of mouths, tentacles and slime glands.

It would be glorious. It would be quick. It would be over before the buffering slimes dried out on His new razorcles.

I really MUST remember to thank Khglingula for these, he thought. They are sure to come in handy this night...

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  1. Let the firey Hams of Fate fall on your heads, sinners!