Saturday, December 19, 2009

Episode 3: The Barking Spider

The smell of freshly-roasted bear lingered in the air as Xeno climbed the path in the woods, looking for a tree to water. Instead, he found a bunker filed with notes, papers, experiments and the stinging smell of ozone in the air. A gnomish lab of some sort...

Kobayashi and Takemiya discovered that they were quite adept at weaponless combat.

The Barking Spider turned out to be a jolly good joint, with Luftwaffles and Kreigblintzes served up by a dwarf named Adolphus Swordhilter. It is here where a gateway to Undermountain exists. Madmardigan appeared from the tunnel, tarred and feathered - again. The party met Ben Firenze, a jolly old wizard who still has it when it comes to the ladies...

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