Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Episode 2: A Shot in the Dark

Everyone scattered into the woods and away from the light of the now-dying campfire and the now-dying dwarf. Some circled towards the path where the Count was seen retreating with his men. Some fumbled lamely over stick and log. And one grabbed the chest and hid.

The Count got away, but the chicken did not, and as party members one by one transmogrified into their natural form, a diverse group emerged with one thing in common: a set of keys on a turtle-shaped key ring.

Eventually, the tall guy discovered a tree that contained a lobster pot filled with goodies.

A path led down the mountain and into a quaint, seaside village.

The keys opened a building known as 'DCM Enterprises".

The players had, apparently, arrived home.

Enter a bear with murder on its mind.

It was quickly dispatched.

Then eaten.

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