Monday, December 21, 2009

Episode 4: The Turtle Moves!

As they entered the darkened pub, Saladin saw the girls on the stage and wondered if he'd made a wise decision. Having agreed to meet the Tookah, he, Iryien and Takemiya found themselves dealing with a very strange character indeed...

He was an intermediate in DCM's dealing with the trunk of sapient pearwood, and had information on their former associate, Ragnar the Dead Dwarf. In fact, Harry Dimples, an adventurer who could tie Ragnar to the activities of the notorious underground figure Chang Kai Eel, was dropping in at any moment to talk to give DCM more info...

*scream* CRASH ~thud~

Harry was dead in the street, the Tookah fled out the back and DCM was in hot pursuit of the assassin.

Until Xeno froze him to death with his wand.

The next morning, Ben suggested the group lay low, perhaps taking a boat ride. "It might help jog your memories," he offered, and they accepted. They took Der Chelonian Mobile out on the water, discovered that it could change form and fly as well.

So fly they did.

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