Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Wreck of the Hammer of Grapthar

I hate you guys...

The Statistical Bubble of Improbability followed me home and effected the rest of my Random Treasure rolls...

I hit the "sweet spot" of the Random Magical Item treasure tables 40% of the time. That should NOT happen!!!

Anyway, here's what you got - let me know how you intend to divvy it up.

1. A cache of 4 gems: an amethyst, a moonstone, a dark green Alexandrite and a really fine and large amethyst.

2. A small chest containing 2,000 gold pieces.

3. A trident of excellent and magical quality.

4. A Potion of Speed.

5. A Bag of Holding

6. +3 Plate Mail - Female Half-Elf-sized. 

7. A Dagger of Venom.

8. +1 Longsword

9. Broadsword +1, +2 vs. enchanted or magic-using creatures

10. Ring of Shocking Grasp

11. A Helm of Telepathy

12. An onyx tetrahedron with a golden star occlusion

13. Robe of Scintillating Colors

14. Potion of Flying (3 doses)

15. Full plate Mail +1, Human-sized.

16. Gauntlets of Swimming & Climbing

17. Potion of Climbing (2 doses)

18. Field Plate Mail +1, Human-sized.

19. Shield +1

20. +1 Longsword

All in all, a pretty good haul. 

And that doesn't include the ship.

Enjoy, you bastards.


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