Monday, January 27, 2014

Episode 95c - Spencer's Take

Him Becomes Death
You know, for someone with a bony ass, sitting the rail of a ship is kind of uncomfortable. 

The large one, he addresses me!

Uhhhh............ "I am Spencer and I am a cook?"

Smooth, oh so smooth. I'm not sure why they keep asking me questions. I am 10 minutes old.

Very tiny people started shouting at us. Something about paying for "parking". The large one made some kind of paper appear and they seemed satisfied with that.


An excitable furry man showed up and started talking about something, I'm not sure if I missed what he said because it made no sense to me or simply due to  the rapid, staccato, mortal speech he was using. I shudder to think what his metabolism is like. He will be visiting us soon.

At this point the dead one came up and I guess the ship started talking to us. Agatha seems like a kindred soul. Sort of. For someone as old as I am she seems so much more competent.

Koresh made a swipe at the dead one and became dumber.  Way dumber.  He decided to jump off of the air ship thingy.  I wanted to helpfully teleport down to collect his soul from his broken form and I forgot my robes.  The uncontrolled channeling of light led to a massive pelvic thrust of destruction that burned down the home of an elderly women.  She was quite cross. Also Koresh was still alive. 


At any rate I teleported back up to the ship with him in the hopes he would be that dumb again and finish the job .

Soldiers marched out from the town. GODS ABOVE AND BELOW!!! How did  I miss the giant metal hominid? He handled them though.

The Big E takes what appeared to be a drunk, belligerent sword from Koresh. 

I am awestruck by the beauty of the cosmos.

Oi, you little brat, stop dry humping my leg.


Oh dear, I hope management wasn't watching.

I animate his corpse and try to stuff his soul back in. This is NOT how it is supposed to work.

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