Monday, January 20, 2014

Episode 95a - Gigamesh's Take

Right, so, like, next thing I know, I'm like 8 feet freaking tall, and know I can do all this weird shit, like if I want to, right? (like make stuff out of thin air, and boost my stats up to 25, at the detriment of other stats, as long as the things exist) And Lance is a big metal monkey.

And there's this other dude, right? In a big black robe, only inside he's a diamond skeleton? He's not very forthcoming about details as to who he is, other than he can cook, and would make a ragout out of a partially flayed bear, if presented with one. Takemiya says "And they call ME 'The Enigma'"

Apparently the robed skeleton dude's name is Spencer, which is apparently short for something. He also talks to someone who isn't there quite a bit.  It's kind of weird, but no weirder than I've experienced in the last several days.

(when he takes off his cloak, Kobayashi (still in the pilot's seat, who sees a null where Spencer is) suddenly can sense him and feels a direct connection with Spencer's thigh bone.  in part described as "a fond, yet taciturn moribundity")

and then the Vietnamese parking authority shows up, wanting money, so I make a parking permit, good for 5 days, paid in full (3GP) 

Somewhere in here a 4' tall rat-dude shows up, and Xeno/Koresh wants to start a bank.

Then apparently the ship (Agatha) has become sentient and kicks Kobayashi out of the pilot's seat. saying "your services will no longer be required."

Somewhere along the line, she also informs Xeno/Koresh that "There is no need to loot me"

Then Xeno/Koresh takes a swipe at the semi-corporeal form of Kobayashi, and becomes an imbecile and decides to go swimming in the amber waves of grain 30' below us. 

Spencer goes *bamf* and teleports down to X/K and then *bamf* brings him back up.

Lance is now Mechalance, and knows semaphore/sign language, but can only say "Koko loves ball"

Spencer tries to teleport and forgets his robes. the sunset then focuses through his diamond bones and destroys a house. a little old lady points at us and 7 guards come towards us.  I have Mechalance use his hypnogaze to stop them. He CHARGES them, getting their attention and shoots rainbow colored rays at them and they stop dead. (a bit more showy than I had expected, to be honest) I have him release them, and they shakily return to the town.

The Enigma takes Dave the Sword out of X/K's pants, and then loses his memory, but informs us that "something really chaotic is going to happen in the town"  and he's right. There's a lot of clanking, and a big amber beam of light, and all of a sudden there are rank upon rank of round metal robot-men, marching through the assembled army from elsewhere.  whenever they found resistance, they counter-attacked, otherwise they just walked all over them.  every 12 rows of these guys, there was a single cube-shaped one.

...and that's all I got.

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