Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Episode 75: Into The Tardis

Once everyone went through the phone booth, things went pretty black...

The Dowager Empress seemed to preside over a strange, black realm of negative energy. She apparently could control anyone entering and moving about the strange shadow pocket...

Xoe spoke up and winked out.

The Empress spoke up and said that it was not her son Chang that was the problem, but Englebert was the twisted one. She pegged him as being the one manipulating things behind the scenes on Lungfish Isle and working actively against DCM Enterprises. 

She offered to help by sending the gang home, outside the clutches of the Prince, to begin the fight against the true despot of the isle.

She sent them back home.


In front of the bonearena.

Whereupon the crew set out to the Barking Spider.

And found Fundus.

And a melee ensued...

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