Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episode 36: The Return For Takemiya's Head, Pt. 2

Takemiya sits at the helm of a Tradesman, in pursuit of both Fundus and the mysterious Black Silhouette, a being he largely suspects is the notorious Chang Kai Eel, Lord of the underworld of Undermountain.

Conflicting feelings raged all about Takemiya at this time - for although Eel has tormented DCM with his wicked machinations over the past few weeks, it was a mind-to-mind confrontation with the underlord that had freed the monk's soul from the Helm of Telepathy and deposited it (through a convoluted string of unlikely die rolls) into the body of an orc who has had his legs pulled into taffy by Salayashi and consequently cauterized into two gleaming lumps of green crystal. He couldn't help but feel a little grateful, even if the orc he was currently inhabiting does seem to be flatulent and riddled with fleas...

Iryien sits in a stateroom, surrounded by her new entourage - Sulians that have travelled to Lungfish Isle to bring her the news that the TEMPLVS IRYIENS has been completed. While slightly unnerved by her elevation to 'Hemi Goddess', she had to admit to herself that her skin had never taken on such a healthy glow in her life. She was certain that somehow, some way she had altered the flow of reality around her in the cavern, and had had been able to make things go rather nicely for herself for once...

Xoe stands behind Xeno as he sits in the helm of a scorched and sooty Damselfly, humming softly to himself, piloting the vessel from an elaborate titanium helm. Xoe rather enjoyed the surge of magical energies that she unleashed from the Wand of Fire; she felt a little thrill at being able to wipe out the vestiges of Fundus' guards and almost fry the big jerk himself. Theivery was nice, but that - that feeling... hmmmm...

Salayashi looks out at the stars. From the deck of the spelljamming ship he could see the tiny prick
of light that they were persuing. The Mindspider had a good head start, but he had two ships, and that HAD to be an advantage, if and when they caught up to Fundus and that thing... He forgot how much he had enjoyed Wildspace. Everything seemed simpler, clearer, more defined.

And now he could see in all directions at once.

Ragnar retched and roiled in the hold of the ship. "There's no air!" he screamed - or would have done, if he hadn't been so convulsed with fear, terror, horror and the screaming heebie jeebies. He rolled around, clutching his throat as the stars spun around him. Aramis sidled up to the twitching dwarf, eyeing his trousers and sizing up the situation.

"Haven'ta you been onna sheep before?" The sound of Aramis' voice - so close, so near his nearly defenseless pants - snapped him out of his panic attack.

"Why, yes," he huffed, pulling himself upright once again. "I do this stuff all the time."

The two ships stayed on course behind Fundus, Eel and the Mindspider. Holth seemed rather anxious about facing the ship in combat. Salyashi seemed rather anxious that Holth was anxious about combat. And Takemiya seemed just a tad worried that he didn't seem to be able to steer the ship...

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