Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Episode 35: The Return For Takemiya's Head, Pt. 1

Well, not an overly successful raid as of yet.

Our intrepid adventurers headed back into the mountain lair of Chang Kai Eel in order to retrieve Takemiya's soul-infested Helm of Telepathy only to be ambushed by a raiding party of orcs.

Where are all these orcs coming from? you might ask. As well you might, as they put a little hurt on DCM, Inc.

Holth took a rather nasty blow to the vitals from, oh wait, that was Xeno... Well, he was ALMOST skewered by a couple arrows from, oh wait, that was Iryien...

Well, at least Salayashi gained a new Crystal Minion - The Ruby Orc, if he gets out of here alive, looks to be the foundation of a promising art/theft scam that could rake in millions - or at least minions, if the die rolls keep coming in as they did on Tuesday night.

Speaking of die rolls, Salayashi has gained a stunning bit of 'double vision' after a roll or two went haywire. Perhaps you should consider purchasing the Union Suit of Many Colors?

I won't give any details here as I want to be there next week when the group explains to Peter what actually happened - DM

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