Monday, April 12, 2010

Raiding the Warehouse

After a thorough search of the warehouse, your party discovers the following contraband in storage:

One large deck-mounted dual blade launcher

One crate circular blades, serrated (5' diameter, 20ct.)

One crate circular blades, very sharp (5' diameter, 20ct.)

100+ fat-soaked torches

One crate soldiers (deceased)

40 iron kettles filled with hard black substance

One lever-operated barrel (iron)

One crate asst. rusty caltrops (2" - 6" dia., approx. 300)

One crate longbow arrows (approx. 200)

One crate shortbow arrows (approx. 200)

27 Y-tipped poles (10' length)

One crate awl-pikes (15' length, 20 ct.)

One crate halberds (9' length, 12 ct.)

One crate containing 12 painted wooden spheres, (2' dia.)
3 green, 3 yellow, 3 white, 3 black

One crate strange metal folding contraption with buttons
(see diagram)

One crate crossbows (10)

One crate crossbow bolts (approx. 100)

One crate longswords (24 ct.)

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