Saturday, April 24, 2010

Episode 14: Return to Aquae Sulis

Frozen, bloodied and in the dark, Saladin's Away Team decides to return to the city, but not before some Drama ensued. Their escape was cut off by a frost giant carrying the one-armed corpse of the yeti the party had previously slain. The dice this night favored the visitors as some clever tactics (after some real shady ones) sent the giant hurtling into the crevasse and to his doom.

Meanwhile, the X-team were interrupted in their looting by pair of would-be assassins - rooftop drow sporting some nasty weapons. But tactics, teamwork and a well-placed fireball or two allowed our intrepid adventurers to come away with one kill and one 'escape to raise larger numbers of deadly reinforcements'.

Holth discovered that the drow was indeed NOT a drow, but some clear-fleshed ice elf in disguise. The Sulian Augustus Gryfyndyr recovered a chain of teleportation that may allow for some clandestine raids in the near future.

The party then chose to retire for the evening offshore, where nightmares, hallucinations and/or illusions kept certain naked crossbow-wielding paranoiacs from getting adequate rest (whilst shooting their shitting compatriots).

As the dawn slowly creeps up on our party, who knows what lies in store?

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