Monday, January 4, 2010

Prince Englebert and Lungfish Isle

To understand the relationship between Prince Englebert and Lungfish Isle, one must understand Lungfish Isle's place in the Muralian Empire. Situated at the extreme western frontier and separated from the body of the Empire by the The Spine of Kri, Lungfish Isle has, for as long as it has been a part of the Empire, been considered a backward and provincial principality not worthy of great expenditure or expectation.

The current dynasty, the Wei'chi, have a history of sending their more marginal and incompetent family members to oversee the island. The Year of the Forgotten Toad saw the arrival of Prince Hiram, a notorious opium smoker and gambler whose excesses in and about the Capital City caused the Emperor a great loss of honor and caused him to send Hiram to the Island to live out the rest of his life wasting away amongst the locals. This was also the time of the Fall of Loco'Luongo, where if not for the military assistance of the Kings of Constantia, the island would have fallen under the Lich's rule forever.

A string of erratic and weak rulers saw the balance of power shift gradually to favor the Three Counts, and by the time Englebert
arrived on the island in the Year of the Philisophical Raptor to replace his adulterous and nymphomaniacal half-sister Bersheba, the role of Prince of the Isle had been reduced to a mere title with little actual power. Other than replacing one Count with another in the constantly shifting political dynamic of Lungfish Isle, Englebert's succession transpired with a minimum of fanfare.

It was not long before their current ruler's foibles made themselves apparent to the inhabitants of the island. He rarely appears in public, choosing to speak through Count Claudio on most occasions. He will give visiting heads of state an audience, but only within the strictest and most formal confines of Muralian tradition. Some say it has to do with an infirmity or a phobia, and the family's reputation for sending 'damaged goods' to oversee the island bear this out to some degree.

Regardless of his physical frailties, Englebert enjoys being associated with the military, especially his Sky Legions. The few portraits that exist of him show him in military garb, and it is rumored that he is a highly ranked baduk player and military strategist. It is doubtful, however, that he would ever obtain the opportunity to be of any assistance to the Empire in this respect.

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