Thursday, January 7, 2010

Count to Three

The Three Counts of Lungfish Isle owe their present status and position to one very small event over a century ago. Back in the Year of the Buggered Hedgehog, a halfling by the name of Otis Redherring left his family’s farm in Middle Constantia in search of the relative excitement and adventure of morel hunting in the northern part of the kingdom. He struck off alone and on foot, and eventually found his way to Lungfish Isle, where rumors of patch of “Butterfield Eights” proved too much to resist.

He eventually found his way to a grove near what is now known as Far Arden - and that’s where “it” happened…

Redherring was rooting around a rotten log at the bottom of a dry river gulch when, quite suddenly, the ground opened up. Rank and bilious odors knocked the halfling on his backside – and barely kept him from falling into what appeared to be an ancient dungeon. His sense of adventure quickly dried up and he reported his find to the authorities.

The first tentative explorations of the dungeons led to the discovery of a large, organized lizardman population led by Loca’Luongo. For years, battles were waged above and below ground. Eventually, with the help of reinforcements from Constantia, Loca’Luongo was defeated. It was then that the Treaty of the Three Counts was signed between Prince Hiram and King Rubio VII of Constantia, placing three Constantian nobles under Prince Hiram to share the profits and perils of protecting the island from all above and below ground dangers.


Arguably the most brilliant of the three, Count Claudio worked his way up to Count of the Palace, the most prestigious of the Three Noble Positions. He resides in the palace with Prince Englebert and oversees both the other two Counts as well as all diplomatic relations between Lungfish Isle and her neighbors. A delicate understanding of both Muralian culture and customs is required, as the Empire's philosophies don't always mesh with those of the Constantians.


The robust and energetic Count Pylorijk is the current Count of the South. From his keep above Guildenstern he keeps an eye on the ever-developing economy of the island. A former whaler, he is grounded (some say TOO grounded) and has very practical and pragmatic views of what makes Lungfish Isle prosperous.


The Count of the North has weathered some political ups and downs in years past, having once held the post of Count of the Palace. A loss of face in the eyes of Prince Englebert caused his ouster from the palace, and only his hard work and due diligence building up the military forces of Lungfish Isle has kept him from being sent back to Constantia altogether. He resides in the stockade at the heart of Plank Town, although he is frequently seen out and about on the island with the usual escort of a dozen highly-trained bowmen.

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