Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Episode 33 - Really? Really??

You should never disintegrate a significate portion of any planet without expecting some... repercussions.

Saladin had become suspended midair in the recently excavated tunnel by a rising sonic turbulence - a turbulence that was now becoming more turbulent after the introduction of a guido who had improbably fallen into the tunnel.

Acting quickly and with heroics in mind, Kobayashi leapt to the rescue, proffering his extendable staff to Porthos. Unfortunately for Kobayashi, improbability reared it's ugly head again and caused the unlucky monk to be pulled into the tunnel as well. Xeno and Iryien started to get pulled towards the tunnel. As the third body entered the viciously thrumming space, flesh, bone, crystal and rock began to harmonize and echo all together, creating a clear, crystalline sine wave that bound the three bodies together in the air of the sonic microwave. It was at this point that Xeno disappeared. Iryien also noticed that Saladin's flesh was starting to melt off his bones.

Unbeknownst to the trapped individuals, atoms were whispering conspiratorially to one another now, shaken into sentience by the unlikely combination of crystal, flesh, and magical dragonscale armor. Molecules started to rearrange themselves, forming splinter cells along ideological lines previously unseen in the sub-cellular world. New substances were being synthesized. Old ones discarded. Something new and never seen before was about to happen...

Just under the molten surface of the tunnel, some red crystal of Ata'ri itched into a peculiar awareness, sensing something remarkable was about to happen...

Deep within Ata'ri, some rare green crystal, tucked away in scattered veins due to the introduction of a rather large meteorite to a very poorly-located prehistoric health spa, thrummed to life and started making its way to the surface, homing in on the life energies that were calling to it from a tiny space near the surface of the planet...

Directly underneath the tunnel, a sizable deposit of blue crystal, sensing it was on the verge of being late to something really exciting, decided to exert what little psychic influence it could on the scene as it was unfolding in the tunnel above. If only there was something it could use, something it could focus on in order to step up its energies just a wee bit...

It was precisely at this moment where Aramis decided to save his brother.

Grabbing the Demonic Lacrosse Stick from Hell, Aramis hurled a ball of blue energy into the tunnel, introducing into the finely balanced superturbulence an explosive, if not malevolent element to the tunnel.

Some strange things happened.

Firstly, Porthos was expelled with some force from the tunnel, landing with a thud inside the portable hole (which shall now be known as the Porthoble Hole).

Secondly, as the rest of Saladin's flesh fell away, the red crystal in the surrounding rock arced into the tunnel and replaced, molecule for molecule, the bone of Saladin's skeleton.

Thirdly, with no guido acting as a buffer, Kobayashi and Saladin were hurtled together at the speed of light. The red crystal skeleton, acting as both a hammer and a sieve, stopped Kobayashi's flesh in it's tracks while letting the shattered bits of his skeleton fly through it before being totally vaporized against the back of the tunnel.

The poor monk's flesh, superheated into a gelatinous, living magma, clung to Saladin's bare bones and instantly began to cool. It reacted with, through a series of harmonics, the skeleton, the tunnel walls and the rapidly emerging node of green crystal to form a clear green skin that hardened as it cooled, creating a symbiotic being never before seen on this or any other planet...

Just another Tuesday, really.

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